Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Urging Component Testing

If you go here, you can fill in the blanks to urge our legislators to amend the law to require component testing rather than finished-product testing. I personally feel that this is a logical solution.
Here is what I wrote:

As a small-business owner at , I am doing my best to contact original manufacturers and ensure that the compents of my products have been tested. Many of these companies say that they are not making their material for children, so it's not their problem, and they are not testing. I beg to differ--a product such as elastic could be used in clothing for a person of any age! Testing is much easier at the earliest stages--if the elastic is safe, then it is safe for everyone. If it is not safe, then does anyone over 12 really want to be using it anyway?!

Adopting component level testing and certification would significantly strengthen the consumer product safety system and lead to cost effective compliance, especially for small businesses. I use the same few fabrics and supplies to make a variety of items--if I can know that all my supplies are safe, then I can know that all of my cloth diapers are safe--even if I make different sizes or styles of diapers.
Do you realize that, as the law now stands, I can make two diapers out of the SAME PIECE of fabric, but if one is a size large and one is a size small then they are considered different products and subject to separate testing? That is illogical to the extreme. That is why I urge you to amend the law for component testing rather than final-product testing.

Component level testing and certification leads to a more sustainable product safety regime. With component testing, Safety can be engineered into children’s products from the beginning. The safest products are those designed with safe components and not those where safety is verified as an afterthought.

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  1. yes, I've written congress! Hope it does some good. On a lighter note, love your little bee divider!


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