Friday, January 16, 2009


Your organic bamboo velour pads are ready!Sherry asked if I could make her some cloth menstrual pads out of scraps of her beautifully hand-dyed OBV. She wanted fleece backing rather than PUL, and I used the smaller pieces of OBV (rather than my usual flannel) to make the pockets.Bamboo is exquisitely soft, and these dyes are so pretty! (She even sent me some extra scraps, so be watching for some more of these at LilBees soon!)
I hope you love them Sherry!

1 comment:

  1. I DO love them Jenni! They are beautiful and perfect and I know they will be used for years to come...much as I would love to have no use for them!! haha

    Thank you so much!! for doing this trade with me. Your dipes are also ready to go and I am getting ready to post photos on my blog. :)


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