Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CPSIA's flaws blow the mind!

I've got some more CPSIA links for you.
Here are a few consequences that I think the government forgot to consider...

(links courtesy of NationalBankruptcyDay)

Incidentally, if you didn't do it yet, here is a place where you can go to contact all your legislators at once. Yup, just write your message, then fill in your address, and the system will automatically find your congresspeople and send the email to them.
The form puts some default text at the beginning and end of your letter, but you can put whatever you want in the middle portion... here is what I wrote:
As your constituent (and someone who voted for you), I am writing with the hope that you will take this matter seriously, and work to edit this bill. As a mother I appreciate the concern for our children's safety, but this bill is badly written and MUST be changed. For economic and ecological reasons, I like to buy second-hand goods--CPSIA will end that. I like to support work-at-home-moms and small businesses--CPSIA will end that too.
I work part time from home as a seamstress, making childrens blankets, clothing, and cloth diapers which I sell on I will be put out of business by this legislation, because there is no way I can afford this testing. The legislation NEEDS to include exclusions for small businesses, and for second-hand goods.

I agree with the need to protect our consumers, and to make sure they know exactly what they are getting. I would be more than willing to attach tags to each of my items which read "As a small business, [this company] is excluded from CPSIA testing requirements. These items have not been tested for lead content or phthalates." My customers can then make an informed choice--are they willing to take a risk on me or do they prefer to stick with the big companies who can afford to prove that their items are safe. I suspect that millions of people--like myself--will be more than willing to continue to buy handmade and second-hand goods.

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