Friday, September 25, 2009

Goods 4 Girls

I confess that I am annoyed every time I hear the perky woman on the kotex ad say "have a happy period!" because you know, I sure never did when I used their products. I am offended when Always brand boasts that they are donating to poor girls in Africa who are missing school because of their periods. How nice of them, they donate and help a girl once...but how long does one package of disposable pads last? And then that girl is back where she started: out of school during her period.

Enter Goods 4 Girls:

(click on the picture to go directly to their site)

Now you can donate CLOTH pads to girls in Africa! Of course some areas do not have sufficient water available to be able to wash the pads, so the organization does their research and only donates pads in areas where there is an adequate water supply.

LilBees is joining with many other etsians in donating to G4G, and now you can participate! For every pad you purchase to donate, I will not only ship it directly, I will also give you 10% off any other item in my shop. Karma really does come back around!

G4G also accepts monetary donations (information is available on their site).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Samples are Here!

Remember how my next 25 orders get a free sample of LilBees honey soap? Well, the samples are here, so that special starts today! When I picked them up yesterday they made my whole car smell good--even before I got the envelope open!

You know you want one!

And remember that the first person to buy a full-size bar of LilBees soap from Heathen's Hearth on etsy will receive a $10 gift certificate to LilBees...just convo me with the link to the transaction report and let me know what you want from my shop! (The soap is not quite ready to be listed yet I guess, but I will post as soon as it is!)

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