Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Samples are Here!

Remember how my next 25 orders get a free sample of LilBees honey soap? Well, the samples are here, so that special starts today! When I picked them up yesterday they made my whole car smell good--even before I got the envelope open!

You know you want one!

And remember that the first person to buy a full-size bar of LilBees soap from Heathen's Hearth on etsy will receive a $10 gift certificate to LilBees...just convo me with the link to the transaction report and let me know what you want from my shop! (The soap is not quite ready to be listed yet I guess, but I will post as soon as it is!)


  1. That's really exciting. I would be in heaven if everything smelled so good all the time!

  2. Congratulations on your soap getting so close to being listed! I bet it smells wonderful! I haven't heard anything about the BeadedTail soap yet but I'll for sure check yours out!

  3. How cool! What fun to be involved with this :)


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