Thursday, April 23, 2009

the Good Nights are back!

About a year ago I posted here about my new Good Nights deluxe fitted nighttime diapers. I sold several that spring, but then got busy and haven't sewn up any more in quite a while. Well, with our nighttime theme of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star this month, I knew this was my chance to get them back in the shop. It may be the end of the month, but they are finally here!

It may look like a fairly normal fitted diaper, but look again! The attached doubler makes it extremely absorbent yet keeps it trim, and now that I have a snap press, I'm offering these diapers (and most others) with your choice of touchtape (velcro) or snaps! And, since they fall into the theme of the month (for one more week!) purchase a Good Nights diaper and get a 25% discount on your second item!

Finally, listen to what the customers are saying about LilBees Good Nights!
"Wow! Baby wears these all night long, with no leaks (he often leaks by morning in other diapers). He is quite comfortable too. I'm impressed--they're worth every penny!"

"My son could soak through anything, and I was using so many inserts and doublers that the resulting enormous diaper looked terribly uncomfortable...the first night he used one of these he didn't even get the outside layer wet. I am so impressed, I don't know how I lived without it!"

Come visit LilBees for all in ones, OOAK (one-of-a-kind) designer fitteds, and Good Nights nighttime diapers!
Also, coming next month, StarDustCreations embroidered diapers (I'll post more about those as it gets closer!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brazillian Booties!

My sister and her husband both served as missionaries in Brazil (in fact, that's where they met) so when I heard that they were expecting their second child, well, an idea came to me that I just had to follow up on. My friend Sherry at DeebleDdo did the embroidery for me, and I made a pair of matching diapers for big brother and little sister.

Here is the final result!

(I love the way big brother is grinning at lil sister in this shot!)

Cutest booties on the block, don't you think?!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Free Stuff!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a giveaway from one of my etsy teams...well, this week it's the other half of the giveaway: this one geared to moms with babies (whereas the last one was geared toward older kids).

Nursing pads (from me!), a nursing necklace, a diaper bag, a Guatemalan sling, a soft jingle-belly ball, a large playsilk, organic garden seeds, soothing foot soak...
click the photo to go enter (you can get one entry just for commenting on the post, and additional ones for posting about it on your blog!)
The giveaway is open until the end of the month.

Monday, April 13, 2009

EtsyBloggers April 13 Carnival

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Blog Carnival: Green for Earth Day!

I'm so excited, this is my first time hosting a blog carnival--yep, that means I thought of the topics, so even though I've been morning sick and not posting much, you betcha I'm gonna manage to get this post written!!!

Since April 22 is Earth Day... Let's Go Green!
1) What is green in your shop? (this can be something literally green in color, or something eco-friendly) -OR-
2) What do you do (or what can you do!) to make your etsy business or home a little bit greener?

I'm going to touch on both topics actually.
I carry a lot of eco-friendly products!

My main items are cloth diapers, menstrual pads, nursing pads, and wetbags, but I also make fabric gift bags.

As for my business practices, it starts with the fact that I've diversified my stock in order to make better use of my materials. I started out making diapers for my own baby, and then using the smaller pieces of fabric from between the diapers to make pads to sell. After I had enough diapers for my son I started selling diapers too. Then I figured out that I could make nursing pads with the smaller scraps, and what can I say, I hate to waste fabric, so I love that I'm able to make so many things from the same materials! It's not just green, it's also very economical--and the savings for me in materials cost is something that I'm able to pass on to my customers, and they seem to appreciate it too. ☺
Another thing I do is that I use mostly recycled packaging for my products. Fabric goods are not fragile, so I don't need to pad them very much. I also prefer to avoid boxes because they are heavier to mail (since my products are lightweight, I was literally paying to ship the box, not the product!). I often re-use envelopes that I have received items in, but I also use plain brown packing paper, as well as cereal boxes turned inside out. I decorate my packages with some awesome rubber stamps that I also got on etsy, and they are green and cute! Recycling saves me on packaging costs, and using the lightweight options of paper or cereal boxes saves on shipping costs, all of which translates to low shipping costs for my customers as well. ☺

Honestly, all the products that I sell (the diapers, menstrual pads, gift bags, etc) are things that I used for my family before I ever thought of selling them. So yeah, I guess we're a bunch of hippies out here. On the other hand, it's so economical to be green, and if being green can save some green, doesn't it sound like something we should all try?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Win Free Stuff from the MDC Moms Team!

Everybody loves free, right?! Well, during the month April, The MDC Moms team is holding a Spring Fling double giveaway--during the first half of the month we have a gift basket full of goodies for moms and bigger kids, and during the second half of the month there will be a basket geared towards moms and babies. You can even enter both giveaways if you want! And with imagination-friendly toys, earth-friendly housegoods, jewelry, and bath goods, why would you not want to enter?! (The full list of the first basket's contents is here, as well as complete directions for how to enter. My own contribution will be in the mama/baby basket, which debuts mid-month.)

Here is a sneak peek of some of the goodies in the first basket...

YOU CANNOT ENTER FROM THIS POST! (That's why comments are turned off!) You have to go over to the MDC team blog and enter there. You get one entry just for commenting there on the post, more entries if you'll blog about us, and more and more entries for every purchase from a participating shop. So no purchase is necessary, but it sure can boost your chances of winning

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