Monday, August 31, 2009

Eco Tip Feature on Cloth Pads

I wrote a guest post for Team Eco Etsy this weekend about using cloth pads and other reusable menstrual products. Go check it out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something is coming...

Last winter I discovered HeathensHearth when I met one of the shopkeepers in an etsy chatroom (I actually still don't know whether it was Amy or Misty!) and we worked out a special order for some soaps which I gave as Christmas gifts. I ♥ their soap, so a few months later I tried out their body frosting (lotions) and I ♥ those. With the body frosting they included a sample of their sugar scrub and (shocker) I ♥ it as well. I loved it all so much that I even did a giveaway (featuring HH) on my blog this summer when I celebrated my birthday.

But the best is yet to come!

You see, last March Amy and Misty came up with a brilliant idea. They started "Etsy Inspirations" which is a line of soaps inspired by other etsians (or their shops). There's a woody one inspired by a woodworker, a neopolitan-ice-cream one inspired by a sweet shoppe, and so on. They had so much fun with it that they held a contest to choose a few final shops upon which to base a soap...and (you've guessed it) yours truly was one of the winners! Ironically all this happened just before I moved, so my soap got put on hold for the summer. However, we're all up and rolling again, and the LilBees Etsy Inspirations soap will be released next Tuesday (Aug 25). To celebrate, I am doing two things:

1--I have made a special order of 25 sample-size LilBees soaps, so starting with the official release next week, my first 25 orders at LilBees will each receive a free soap in with their order (and I'm telling you, this is awesome soap!)

2--The first person to purchase a full-size bar of LilBees soap from HeathensHearth will get a $10 gift certificate to LilBees
(just send me a convo with a link to the transaction page and let me know what you want!)

I'll post again next week with a photo of the finished product, but I thought I'd let you know in advance what is coming.

And since I know you're curious, I'll tell you what the soap will be like! It's honey-scented, layered in black and yellow (of course), and has a honeycomb pattern in the top. (The sample sizes won't have the honeycomb due to their being smaller...but they'll still be striped!)

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