Friday, December 12, 2008

Heathen's Hearth

Hmm, it's been a soapy week!

A few weeks ago I was in the etsy chat, trying to promote my shop and make some personal connections with people... I was looking through the shops of the other chatters and found Heathen's Hearth. What a neat shop--and even more, what neat ladies running it! Misty and Amy run the shop and have a fun blog too. I'm actually not sure which of them I talked with on chat that night, but she helped me figure out which soaps would be perfect for my family with our skin types and scent preferences. For example, I really liked the look of "Yuletide" (which I posted in a treasury earlier this week), but upon discussion realized that it would be too strong a scent for me. So I got peppermint frosting instead...and oooo do I love the peppermint frosting! (It smells good enough to eat, really!)
She made a special custom listing for me with reduced shipping for my multi-soap order (so kind of her!) They also put in some cute little samples--not just little cuts, but darling molded mini-soaps! This is the kind of service that makes life-long customers. ☺
(just like with my treasuries, you can click on any picture to go see that specific listing)

This is Chocolate Mousse whipped body frosting (doesn't that just sound awesome!) It's shea butter lotion that's positively luxurious (on the blog she said she wanted to lick herself after putting some on!) If even the maker is that impressed, well, I'm sure you will be too! There's a whole series of body frostings

Here are a couple of other soaps from the shop: Lemongrass Thyme Goat's Milk soap and Blueberry Cobbler Creamy Goat's Milk Soap (with oatmeal! I adore oatmeal!)

And I just have to finish up with what I think may be the coolest soap I've ever ever seen: Christmas Candy!

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  1. Aww... you're sweet! Thank you for the wonderful spotlight. I'm glad the soaps are working out so well for you!



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