Thursday, December 11, 2008

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis necklace

As an Alaskan, the northern lights remind me of two things: the long dark nights, and the solstice (which of course signals the returning light). With the dark nights upon us, and solstice just around the corner, I thought I'd share a treasury of the Northern Lights...
(as always, click on the photo to see the listing!)

Aurora Beauty necklace

droplets stitch markers

Midnight Stars quilt

Northern Lights neon diaper duo
(yes, it's one of my own listings...but it's the reason I thought to do a Northern Lights treasury in the first place!)

Northern Lights earrings

felted scarf

In my searching, I found an artist who has numerous lovely paintings of the I wanted to make a special link right to his shop: Hayward Art
Here are a couple of my favorites of his pieces:


  1. What great colors!!! Lynn's baby quilt/wall hanging from eggmoney is beautiful! She is my cousin and I know firsthand how amazing her pieces are.

  2. Oh my goodness. I *LOVE* that first necklace you linked to. I'm not a big jewelry person, and I can only think of one or two tops that I own that might look good with the necklace, but I really feel like I want to run and buy it RIGHT THIS SECOND. It's so gorgeous!!

    Love the idea to do northern lights themed things. I suppose you actually get to see the northern lights way up there in Alaska, huh? I've still never seen them, myself. :(


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