Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Tips: Chat it up!

A lot of etsians offer great products, yet their shops go unnoticed. This is the fourth entry in a six-week series of tuesday tips about ways to improve your etsy karma... These are ways I have found to get people into my shop. And the more people go through my shop, the more likely I am to make a sale!

There are a lot of sellers on etsy, many of them selling similar items... so why do I buy from one shop rather than other? Well, it's usually because they drew my attention to themselves. How does one draw attention? The simplest way I know is to talk with the person! Etsy has forums where people can ask questions, promote their items, give each other advice, and even play games such as BNRs (Buy-N-Replace) or BNS (Buy-N-Stay) (both of which involve buying from someone on the list, then having your own shop added to the list as someone to be bought from). The promotions forum is specifically designed for promoting your shop, specials, or specific items--that's where the selling games happen, but if you contribute to threads such as "show off your red stuff" it can also be a good way to get your shop/items seen by people who might not otherwise see them.
Etsy also has a live chat feature. When you are in a chat room, you can not only chat with people, but there are direct links to visit each chatter's shop. While browsing each others shops, chatters often post each others items on the side of the chat (there is a box to enter the item URL, and a picture of the item will post right there where all the chatters can see it!). Chatters talk about weather, life, and other small talk of course, but they also discuss their products, offer specials and sales to fellow chatters, and frequently arrange trades or sales right there in person! Chatters make connections, mark each others shops and items as favorites (it's those ♥s again!), and they are more likely to buy from each other in the future because they remember each other.

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