Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LePetitOwlet's "Little Owl" Diapers

I recently made a custom order of 3 medium size Little Owls fitted diapers from LePetitOwlet. I have a lot of diapers that I love, but wow, these are definitely my favorites right now.

First of all, just look at the cuteness! Like many sellers, she has a variety of fabrics to choose from for both the inner and outer of these diapers.

Secondly, I love the trim fit. My kids are skinny, and I’ve had trouble with some diaper styles being very bulky, or leaking at the legs. These diapers do not have either of those problems.

Third is my most favorite thing of all—a very very smart snap layout. (More experienced cloth diaperers will probably be able to tell just from the photos, but I’ll try to explain it too.) Most diapers with crossover snaps have the top snaps (studs) facing in at every inch (to match the sockets on the diaper front), and then the crossover sockets are put between them. The downside to this arrangement is that the crossover sockets are then offset from the other sockets, so the diaper gets bunched up if the tab is snapped to one diaper-front socket and one crossover socket. Jessica got smart though and did away with all that hassle. She spaced her wing (stud) snaps to match every other socket, so that the crossover socket is then spaced evenly with the front panel sockets, and there is no bunching or pulling, it all lays nice and flat. Furthermore, the wider placement of the studs means no wing droop (or gaping legs)! I have never seen snaps spaced this way before, but I certainly intend to start doing it with my diapers, because it’s brilliant!

The only thing I can think of that some people might feel as a negative is that the snap-in doubler is attached with only one snap, whereas most other diapers I’ve seen have two. Diapers with snap-in doublers tend to wear faster at the snap points, so fewer snaps could potentially mean a longer life. On the other hand, more snaps might distribute the wear better, so fewer snaps might mean a shorter life…I don’t know! I don’t really have enough experience with snap-in doublers yet to have a preference either way.

Little Owl Fitted Diapers (and the WAHM behind them) definitely get two thumbs up from me!

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