Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Purchase

I just got these two stamps from Terbear Collectables:

I've been using recycled packaging for ages, and in the past I've used stickers to brighten things up, but I'm running out of stickers, and this is greener anyway!

And, well, I just needed this one--ah, my brown paper packages will be plain no more!


  1. Terbear has some great things. I have a Buy Handmade stamp too!

  2. Oh - those are great - I think I need to look into that first one...

  3. I really am working on going green this year~!

  4. What a great buy! I try and reuse as much packaging as possible :)

  5. Thats neat! Thanks for sharing.

    I too have been recycling packaging materials and the paper from my shreader for awhile now. I encourage everyone to try it!


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