Friday, February 27, 2009

Cow Island

This week I was hanging out in Etsy Chat and met a gentleman named Steve who is the artist behind Cow Island. I went to take a look at the shop, and as soon as I read the announcement I started laughing. Why? Well, here is CowIsland's shop announcement:

So what's with all these cartoon cows? Well they were living in my head and it was getting crowded. So I gave them their own Island and left them there. Then they pointed out that they kept having adventures and people might want to know about them. So now they write a blog, six days a week, and I draw a picture for them.
Just between ourselves, he adds in his profile, ...this was all their idea.

The item descriptions are as funny as the shop announcement ("...Why? I only draw these things, don't look to me for answers!")
The cows even have their own myspace page (that's where they blog--and they are SO funny!) Honestly I'm greatly tempted to just keep copying and pasting quotes from them ("We are six cartoon cows. We live on an island. It's called Cow Island and it's ours and we don't have a mortgage,") except if I keep doing that then I won't have any space left to show you what's in the shop! And you must see what's in the shop:

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

So go visit Cow Island on Etsy!


  1. I love a bit of humor in an item definitely gets me reading!

  2. how fun - need to go check him out

  3. So totally kewl! Leave it to you to find him...

    Thanks for bringing Cow Island to us.

    ~Lily a/k/a HotLips

  4. Too funny~ Thanks for the laughter~ Love shops like this one!


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