Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girly Pockets for Shepremiers

I have just finished sewing up some adorable girly pocket diapers for shepremiers. She wanted them with stay-dry inners, but I was low on microfleece so we did a little microfleece, some suedecloth, and one with velour (which is not a true 'wicking' fabric, but the pile/fuzz helps the baby feel dry even when they aren't).

pink PUL, lavender cotton velour, purple snaps
yellow PUL, green suedecloth, white snaps with pin embossing
pink PUL, black suedecloth, black snaps
red PUL, white microfleece, pink snaps with pin embossing

Here is a closeup of the embossing that is on the snaps of two diapers, (I LOVE those embossed snaps!)
And at the right here is a picture demonstrating how pocket diapers work (the absorbent core is removable, so when it's put together the diaper is easy to use, but everything comes apart for thorough washing, and it's also possible to put in double inserts for extra absorbency such as at night).


  1. Those are cool! I like the pocket idea...much more appealing than just the cloth.

  2. Those are so cute! You did such a wonderful job on them. :D

  3. THose are ADORABLE! Makes me (almost) want to have another baby!!

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  5. Those are just too cute!! I wish I'd been that imaginative when I was making diapers for the boys.

  6. RE: Thanks. You did a good job on these too. And I think part of the reason I have the "time" to be able to get everything done is because Almond is older now and more self-sufficient. I can set her to work on her math homework and get things sewn.


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