Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I ♥ TeamEcoEtsy

Since it's Valentines this week, I thought I'd celebrate the season of love by featuring some of my EcoEtsy teammates!
(as always, click the picture to see the listing)

A carved stone necklace from SteppingStones

I ♥ Recycling fridge magnet from earthlore, made with recycled cardboard!

Happy Valentines Day cloth pads from LilBees
(yes, I totally featured one of my own items...I do that occasionally!)

"Love is Everywhere" (hearts in nature)
featured on notecards by HeartOfNature

and LakeErieBeachGlass presents these delicate earrings, made with tiny pieces of found sea glass!


  1. Awesome! LOVE the Hearts In Nature!!!


  2. Fun hearts! And nothing wrong with featuring yourself :)

  3. Great items! I love EcoEtsy.... seriously, everyone is so talented and with so much great, unique and creative stuff! Thanks for making this showcase, and thanks for including me! Tulip's Talking--thank you! Once you start looking, you will see that they are EVERYwhere!! :)

  4. I really like the necklace made of the stepping stone! Great idea!


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