Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tip: Taking Good Photos

I am no expert in this, but I recently found a post on another blog that has LOTS of information about how to take good photos--along with examples of the results of each method.
so here it is: LiciaPots Licia Beads Licia Knits: ooo, nice pictures--how do you do that?

Her tips:

  • know your camera (and what settings it offers)
  • use natural light (or a camera setting that adjusts for indoor lighting)
  • pay attention to the white scale
  • pay attention to focus
  • use a solid, lint-free background
  • avoid extra props (they are distracting)
  • edit as necessary to have a good photo
  • show your item in use (wearing a necklace for example--obviously this doesn't work for all items, but for my diaper listings I often include a picture of my son wearing a diaper of the same style, so they can get an idea of the fit)
My own tips to add:
  • use all 5 of the photo slots
  • Make every shot different--at least one full item, one close-up of some detail, one that is 'interesting' (a unique angle or fun prop)
  • remember that the first photo needs to catch attention, not necessarily show everything. So pay attention to the order of the photos as well.


  1. good tips! All I need is a model, to wear my necklaces!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips! I need all the good advice I can get in the photo dept!


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