Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Tip: It's in the Tag

What's this tag thing anyway? I see there's space for 14 of them, but 14? How am I supposed to come up with 14 keywords about my item?

The default search option on etsy is to search "Item titles and tags," so that means that any word that appears in the title is already being searched, so you don't need to repeat it in your tags. But what should you put in your tags?

  • Additional words that describe your item: red, blue, squares, hearts, monkeys, strips
  • Words that describe who the item is for: baby, mother, boy, gender neutral
  • Words that describe purposes for the item: baby shower, bridal, wedding, stocking stuffer
  • Words that describe characteristics of the item: eco friendly, upcycled
  • Words that describe categories your item fits into: shabby chic, romantic, rustic
  • Team tags
I especially recommend using team tags, because many team members like to buy from and/or feature their teammates in treasuries, so if you use the team tag they will be able to find you! Most teams have a standard tag--if you are not sure what yours is, ask! Etsy has asked that teams use the word 'team' in their tag to make it clear that it is a team tag. As examples, here are the tags for some of my teams: 'mdc team' and 'etsybloggers team' and 'teamecoetsy'

Do your best to fill up all 14 tags, because every tag you use increases your chances of being found in a search! If you don't know what tags to use, try the critiques forum!

By the way, do not use a tag that does not apply specifically to your item. You can be flagged for doing so, and frankly it's just rude because then your non-applicable listing will turn up in other searches and annoy people who are looking for something else. For example, I am a member of the etsyclothdiapers team, but I do not use the diaper team tag for my non-diapering items--it just isn't appropriate.

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