Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Dragon

this is a close-up of the screen print that appears on the t-shirt that I got my husband for Christmas!

My husband's birthday is today (yes, we have a lot of January birthdays around here!) so I thought I'd do a treasury for him... you may recall that our sons are Wolf and Bear...well, they decided that daddy needed something too, so he became Daddy Dragon... His favorite color is green, so today's treasury is full of green dragons!
as always in my treasuries, sellers have given permission to use their photos, and each photo links to the item listing

OOAK (one-of-a-kind) carved jade necklace
"Water Dragon" by WhatNots

(This particular listing is for a pattern to make your own little green dragon...CUTE!
If the dragon itself were for sale it would be endangered by CPSIA)

this fridge magnet has my Hubby's name all over it...he loves cheese!

That's got to be one of the best coat racks I've ever seen

Even a cloth diaper (from a fellow member of the EtsyClothDiapers team!)
This item is endangered by CPSIA


  1. Your new blog is lovely! Thank you again for showcasing my Water Dragon necklace. I hope this brings some new faces to my little esty shop! Take care, Julie


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