Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Tip: Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop

Yes, that's right, you can now utilize google analytics for your etsy shop! You can see what routes people are taking in to your shop (ie, how they are finding you), and which items they spend the most time looking at. Neato!
I could write out the process of getting set up (it's pretty simple, especially if you already have google analytics set up), but somebody else already posted the directions, so I decided I'd just direct you to him instead. ☺
That same blogger (TimothyAdamDesigns) also has a great little article about how to use google analytics to discover what times of day you are getting the most traffic, so that you can make listings/relistings and do your promoting at the time of day that will be most beneficial for you!

If you don't want to watch his video, here's the short version:
Assuming you have google analytics already set up, add your etsy url as a new site. Then it will give you a little alpha-numeric code. Copy that code...
Go to your 'my etsy' page, and look on the left-side menu near the bottom. It now has the option of 'web analytics.' Just open that link, and paste your google analytics code into the provided space.
Voila, you're ready to go!

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  1. thanks for your Tuesday Tip! I'll be looking for it! Me? I always follow Tim's advice {:-D


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