Saturday, November 1, 2008


Tell me your best crazy (cloth) diaper story!
On Nov 15, I'll post them in a poll for one week--the story that gets the most votes, wins a free diaper from LilBees!
The winner will receive their choice of one diaper, in any size or style (AIO, pocket, or fitted). Anyone is eligible to enter (yes, including family, friends, and people that I know could make their own diapers if they wanted to). I have a variety of fabrics to choose from, so I'll contact the winner about their preferences.

C'mon, you might win a free diaper (or you might not) but for sure you'll get some chuckles!!

I'll kick things off with my own crazy diaper story (no, I don't get to be in the contest, but I figure you can have some laughs at my expense, since I know I'm going to have some at yours!)

I often take off Little Bear's diaper and let him hang out naked for a few minutes before putting on the new diaper. I should know better I suppose, but I do it anyway. Air is good for bottoms. One day a week or so ago he came up to me patting his diaper to indicate that he was wet and wanted to be changed. I was in the middle of something so I reached over and just unsnapped his diaper, figuring to let him run...uh-oh, he wasn't just wet... Of course I couldn't let him run around with poo on his bum, so I scooped him up in one arm, grabbed the two ends of the diaper in the other hand, and hurried to the bathroom to wipe him up. I was trying to set the diaper on the toilet so I could get a cloth into the sink when PLOP! I lost my hold on one side of the diaper, and neat little pile of poo hit the floor with a thud (leaving the diaper, ironically, almost perfectly clean). Sometimes it's not the kids who make the messes...sometimes it's the mommy. ☺
Thank heaven for clorox for the's the only place I use it, but I would hate to give it up because, well, this isn't the only time that something like this has happened. ☺


  1. I started using cloth when my first daughter was 9 months old. The first time my husband changed a poopy diaper I was not home. When I got home he told me it was so bad that he trew the cloth diaper in the garbage!

  2. This is a great idea! OK, my story - When my baby was very small, still small enough to be taken around everywhere in her infant car seat carrier and exclusively breastfed, we had her in church on morning, in her carrier, on the floor. She let loose right in the middle of service. We were using an apparently not-to-great cover because the poo was everywhere! Of course all over her clothes, but also all over the carseat, and worst of all, it leaked through the belt slots in the carseat and puddled on the church carpet! Gasp!!! Hubby and I were soooo embarrassed, and all we had with us to clean it up was more cloth diapers and some wipes solution! There we were in the middle of church trying to inconspicuously clean the nasty mess! Luckily it's a fairly big church and not many people noticed. Fun times!

  3. I can't say I have a particularly funny story, but this one happened today and it was cute. My two year old William loves his cloth diapers. All the older kids help change him. We call it a "fresh diaper- William, it's time to get your fresh diaper, come here" and he is more than happy to come and get it put on. Today I showed him the diaper and said "what's this" and he said "fresh diaper" in his own little 2 year old voice, it was pretty cute, he's never said that before. HE also gets grossed out over his poopy diapers "yuck, eeewww, icky"

  4. After getting our bellies full at grams on xmas eve; my 1yo seemes intrigued by the lights and tries to climb this mountain of wrapped goodies. As she climbs, she rips off her diaper with a little special gift that is not from Santa. I hear a 'Hey Sis, your daughter is nakey," as I am cleaning up.
    As I go into the room, I see this meek, yet naked little girl with a grin. She stands high on this present mountain with her diaper in victory. I then cringe. What was once a beautiful array of decorative bows and vibrant colors; has now become Holiday Poo.
    Sorry I couldn't help myself in telling this true and unforgettable diaper horror.

  5. Not really any funny stories yet...but we love our cloth diapers!When he stays with Nana and Papa I send him in disposables. They have yet to figure out which ones are the the last time we picked him up we had a disposable neatly stored in his diaper bag, ready to be washed and reused :) That was pretty comical :) Thanks for having a contest. I found you through Rocks in my dryer.

  6. Toddling Twins!! That about sums it up.

    We decided to try out one of those "fancy Shmancy diapers" from a shop which shall not be named.

    I ordered one fitted, in case we didnt like them, so I wouldnt be out too much money. With twins - every penny counts!

    Well, pretty diaper came in the post. Maynard (the older by a minute twin) was the first to try it on. I secured it and off he went.

    Maynard HATED the diaper. So, he decided that Atreyu needed to wear it instead. Maynard removed the fancy shmancy diaper and proceeded to try to diaper Atreyu.

    Atreyu was none too happy. HE snatched the Fancy Shmancy Diaper from Maynard and RAN FULL FORCE to the bathroom.

    "SWOOOSH" goes the toilet. Atreyu is trying to dispose of the way uber expensive fitted in the toilet. Luckily, I made it just in time to save myself a 150$ call to the plumber!!

  7. We don't have entirely hilarious stories. This morning I put Margaret in a diaper with some longies. I didn't tighten the drawstring well, I guess because later I picked her up, put her on my lap and started nursing without looking at her. It took a few minutes to realize that she was pantless and that she was just in her diaper- no cover at all. I don't know how I could miss that...

  8. This still makes me giggle.
    I came home from my first day back in the working world to hubby who had never changed a cloth diaper in his life. He was as proud as could be. Turns out, he put a fleece cover on as a diaper, then a liner and a PUL cover. My son came walking into the room, and his bottom was about as big as mine. LOL. So I change him leave him in a prefold with a snappi. He stands up and the front apparently wasn't attached right so he started wondering around in a broken "loin cloth". The prefold was still around his waist, but haning down the back of his legs. Just glad nature didn't call before we took pictures.

  9. I just started using cloth diapers yesterday. So, my story is probably pretty tame but here goes. I put the first diaper on her (it was a pocket diaper) and forgot to put the insert in. She fell asleep shortly afterwards and woke up in a puddle. It took me ten minutes of inspecting the diaper to figure out what I did wrong. :)


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