Monday, November 10, 2008

Fabric Gift Bags

A few years ago I started making fabric gift bags for our family, and I'm proud to now offer them at BrightBlack. Unlike paper or paper gift bags, they can be used repeatedly, and look good for many years! I have had fun picking out holiday fabrics and coordinating ribbons, and making bags in a variety of sizes. With so many fun fabrics to choose from, the gifts under the tree will never look drab!

My husband likes them because they are so easy to use--no complicated wrapping, even for oddly shaped items!
My kids love them because they can wrap things by themselves, even when they are very young. Plus it's fast and easy to UNwrap things too!
I love them because they are eco-friendly, washable, beautiful, and leave me with no mess on Christmas morning! In the off-season we use our bags to store our christmas decorations, especially our twinkle lights. No more tangled strings of lights, and no more broken bulbs!

Most of my current selection is Christmas-oriented, but over the coming year I plan to add bags for birthdays, weddings, and babies too.

My bags do not come with tags on them at this time, however any type of tag or sticker could easily be applied. I am pleased to recommend the following etsians as folks who have great tags that would work well with my bags:

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