Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Tip: Feature Others

A lot of etsians offer great products, yet their shops go unnoticed. This week is the second entry in a several-week series of tuesday tips about ways to improve your etsy karma... These are ways I have found to get people into my shop. And the more people go through my shop, the more likely I am to make a sale!

Today's tip is simple: Post other people's stuff on your blog--but get their permission to do so!
I started off by featuring occasional items or specific sellers that I had purchased from, or who were my friends. Recently though I have come across shops and items where I didn't know the seller, but still wanted to feature them...so I just sent a little note to each of them saying that I wanted to feature their item/shop, and was it ok to use a photo or two from their listings. I have had overwhelmingly positive responses! Everyone has said yes, most have said thank you, and one even offered me a discount if I wanted to buy the item, and another sent me a small free gift in thanks!
I am currently working on a treasury in the theme "Northern Lights," and I found one artist who has painted some lovely pictures of the lights. I figured that he would not want me to copy his listing photos, since it's his actual artwork, but I went ahead and sent him a note anyway, and told him that I'd at least like to link to him, but that I understood if he wasn't comfortable with my using his photos. He said he was flattered and to feel free to use one or more of his photos! (That treasury will appear here next week.)
Anyway, the point is, feature other people...in drawing attention to others, you draw their attention back to yourself. ☺

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