Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pie will really gum up a sewing machine...

This month's blog carnival topic: What is your favorite tradition for the Thanksgiving holiday?
It's Pie Night, without question. ☺ It's an annual tradition which my husband and I have been doing every November since we were married.

So, what is Pie Night you may ask? Good question! Go ahead and take notes now, because as soon as you finish reading this you're probably going to run off and start a pie night tradition of your own.
1--invite lots of friends, and ask everyone to bring a pie (and server). (As hosts, we provide plates, forks, and whipped cream along with a pie or two.)
2--there are many many kinds of pie
3--everybody pigs out on lots and lots and lots of pie!

This year I brought a "Chocolate Barbarian Pie"
(yup, I've posted the recipe...I'm going to be posting pies there all month, so check back in!!)

The first year we did it it was a small affair, with only 5 pies (two made by me). The next year it grew, and our third year had 36 people crammed in our little house. Then we moved to Pelican, and had to start over...however this is a friendly little town, and we had over a dozen attendees last that the locals have had enough time to get to know us, this year was a little bigger. Last night we had 22 people and 17 pies! (It was the year of pumpkin pie--there were 6 pumpkin pies!) I think this years winner as fanciest pie was DS's Pear-Almond Creme Tart with Cranberry Flakes... although I personally also really love the Upside-down Pumpkin Pie that CS makes (she said she hates making crust, so she makes the pumpkin pie filling, then puts it in a casserole dish and does a nut-crumb topping on it!)

A couple of little notes if you want to host a Pie Night of your own:
  • Put out a couple of pitchers of ice water! With all the rich pie, people tend to need a drink!
  • Be sure to remind people to bring a server with their pie, otherwise you might have 8 pies and 1 server...that's awkward!
  • Use index cards or something to put labels in front of each pie, so that people can tell what each one is when they go to choose their slices...for example, last night we had a plain chocolate and a chocolate-mocha which looked almost identical, but some people like mocha and some don't, so it's good to have labels!


  1. This tradition sounds like SOOO much fun! And tasty, too!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of pies! What a great idea, and you're right it does make you want to start your own "pie night".

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. How super fun!! Interesting way to get to know the neighbors too. :)

  4. Pie night sounds like a lot of fun. If we did that here all the time, I think I'd be triple my size, easily!

  5. Now that's a tradition I can sink my teeth into!!!

  6. sounds very decadent! and fattening!


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