Friday, November 28, 2008

Crazy Diaper Stories WINNER!!

Well, we had some great entries (you can read them all here), but the poll has closed now and the results are final...

Which crazy diaper story should win the free diaper?
1-Melissa (hubby threw it away)
2 (15%)
2--Jenna (blowout at church)
1 (7%)
3--Saskia (fresh diaper)
0 (0%)
4--momofwildones4 (christmas poo)
2 (15%)
4--Rachel (saved the disposable)
0 (0%)
6--Jennifer (toddling twins)
4 (30%)
7--TopHat (no longies)
3 (23%)
8--Melinda (loin cloth)
1 (7%)
9--seansmommy (no insert)
0 (0%)

Congratulations Jennifer, you win the free diaper!

Here, for your reading enjoyment, is a copy of the winning story:
Toddling Twins!! That about sums it up.

We decided to try out one of those "fancy Shmancy diapers" from a shop which shall not be named.

I ordered one fitted, in case we didnt like them, so I wouldnt be out too much money. With twins - every penny counts!

Well, pretty diaper came in the post. Maynard (the older by a minute twin) was the first to try it on. I secured it and off he went.

Maynard HATED the diaper. So, he decided that Atreyu needed to wear it instead. Maynard removed the fancy shmancy diaper and proceeded to try to diaper Atreyu.

Atreyu was none too happy. HE snatched the Fancy Shmancy Diaper from Maynard and RAN FULL FORCE to the bathroom.

"SWOOOSH" goes the toilet. Atreyu is trying to dispose of the way uber expensive fitted in the toilet. Luckily, I made it just in time to save myself a 150$ call to the plumber!!
Thank you Jennifer! (My little sister once almost flushed a diaper because she had seen mommy dunk and swish...thankfully a plumber was avoided that time too, but it was a close call!) Please email me via and we can work out details on your free diaper (with twins I'm sure you need one!)

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