Monday, November 3, 2008

Seven Secrets

I was tagged by LovaRevolutionary (of the EtsyBloggers team) to tell seven secrets about myself, and then tag seven more team members to do the same...

1) My favorite color is hot pink, and has been since junior high at least.

2) I'm scared of oncoming traffic and oven doors.

3) I don't mind blood or ugly injuries if it's on me (ie, if I get a cut), and I can handle it with my kids if I need to, but I don't handle it well at all if it's someone else. I can't watch it on shows, and I would be terrible in the medical profession.

4) In a college play, I wore a cloak that was originally made for Brendan Frasier. (It had been a few years, and other people had used it in between...and we had to hem it for me ☺ but yes, that Brendan Frasier.)

5) I knit inside out and backwards. Or, at least, I like purling (the backward stitch) better than knitting (the standard stitch). I usually reverse my patterns and knit things inside out so that I can purl them instead of knit.

6) I pronounce 'both' as 'bolth.' I have no idea why.

7) If I were not a stay at home wife and mother (which was always my first choice) then I would probably be either a high school teacher or a school counselor/psychologist. (I got a BA in education and was looking into pursuing a masters in psychology when I got engaged and moved back to Plan A.)

I tag these 7 fellow EtsyBloggers:
CandyStickLane / TheJumpOff
DownTheStreet / ElleQuilts
Ametista / TheClayShoppe

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