Saturday, March 7, 2009

Checking In...

It's EtsyBlogger carnival time again!
Here is the topic for this month:
We are already on March!! What have you accomplished this year in real life or on Etsy?? Have you followed your New Year's resolutions? What are your plans for the rest of 2009?

(My goals are listed there on the left sidebar)

Well, I got the new designs for my shop banners and blog, woohoo! I love them so much! And PolkaDotPixels was SO great to work with. When I was struggling with figuring out how to do the text for all my little sidebar bees, she offered to just do it for me! I gratefully accepted (although I insisted on paying her for it) and I just get all happy inside every time I see my awesome blog!

My goal of making/posting two items every week has been a little sporadic...I've made enough items total to match the weeks in the year, but there was one week that I posted a dozen things and other weeks I haven't done any... I've had several large custom orders though so if I count those in them I'm doing a bit better.

I'm off to a good start on introducing new products, and if my sales thus far are indicative of how the year will go, then I think I'm set for earning more than last year. ☺

Something I had not specifically made a plan of, but which is going well (so far) is that I joined entrecard. It's certainly brought a lot of traffic to my site, and while I don't know yet if any of my sales are a direct product of it, it has been a lot of fun.

As for my ongoing plans, well, we will be moving this summer, so I'll have to take at least a couple of weeks off for that, and I've just learned that I'm expecting a baby in November, so I probably won't be getting in on any holiday selling this year. Between those two things, my main goals are to use up stock/materials that I have on hand (so that I don't have to pack as much stuff when we move), and also to try take full advantage of sales and promotions that my teams are doing early in the year, so that I can make sales now and it will be ok to close for a while when I take my maternity leave!


  1. sounds like you're going to be a busy bee at the end of the year! Hope everything goes well. The blog looks GREAT! Love the little bees, and the wallpaper is so cute!

  2. You sound like you are living up to your "namesake"...looking forward to hearing how such a busy bee goes through pregnancy :)

  3. Sounds like a busy year so far - and lots to come! Congrats!

  4. great write up! I hope you get twice the sales you set goals for ;)

  5. I rather like the idea of making your goals public. Keeps you accountable and on track! SOmething I could definitely use help with lol.

    And Congrats to you!

  6. Congratulations! Your blog looks great. I love the bees. Good luck with your goals. I think it's a great idea to have them written down.

  7. You do have a very nice Blog, I think this is a very nice achievement!

    Good luck w/your move

    Tara * 3 Rexes


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