Monday, March 9, 2009

Kreativ Time

Well, I've been nominated for this twice now, so I guess I'd best get on the ball about it, eh?

TiLT and Heathen's Hearth both nominated me as a "creative blogger" (yeah, one who just can't stand the misspelling, being a former English teacher and all) ☺

The amusing thing is that each tag came with different rules. One said I should just tag 7 new people, but the other said to list 7 of my favorite things and then tag 7 people...well, as usual, I'm going to do this my own way.

SO, I'm going to list off 7 things the feed my creative inspiration!

  1. My family. So much of what I create is developed because I see a need and then make something to fill it...and then I end up making more to sell.
  2. A love of pretty things. I know it's just a diaper, but it might as well look good, right?
  3. Leopard Print. Need we say more?!
  4. Getting orders in the mail. Whether it's new fabric or something I purchased from another crafter, seeing new stuff always gets me in a crafty mood.
  5. My customers. Every time someone tells me they love what I made, it inspires me to go make more.
  6. The income. Sorry if that's lame, but honestly every time I make a sale I think whoa, that was fun, I want to do that again!
  7. My teams. I love browsing through the blogs or shops of my teammates and seeing the awesome things they have made.
As for the 7 people I'm tagging...
If you like doing this kind of thing, consider yourself tagged, please! I have no idea which of my friends have already been tagged on this, and I'm not going to name folks who aren't going to want to do it, so if you don't want to do it, you are not tagged, but if you DO like memes, then by all means, I tag YOU!!

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