Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here Comes the Sun Little Darlin!

Spirals are a common symbol for the sun, as well as for eternity, the cycles of life, or the passage of time. The idea for this treasury actually came to me 3 months ago at Winter Solstice, but I was doing other things and so the spiral treasury got pushed back to Equinox. The timing feels appropriate up here in Alaska though, because we are just now beginning to see the first hints of spring. The long dark of winter has gone, and the long light of summer is coming.

(as always, click a photo to see the listing)

Sunshine and Spirals
(they just make me feel all springy!)

I love these triple-spiral buttons.
Triple spirals, also called triskele, are common in ancient Celtic designs, and are thought to represent a variety of things, including fertility (the months of pregnancy), the three realms (land, sea, sky), and several tri-fold Gods/Goddesses.

If one spiral is good and three is better, how about a dozen?!

Handmade glass beads ~ aren't they gorgeous? She makes several colors and I had a hard time picking which one to show here!

What a neat crochet dishcloth
(the listing is actually for the pattern, but the picture was too pretty to pass up)

Speaking of pretty pictures, these notecards capture some of the awesome spirals provided by nature!

Welcome Spring!!


  1. "Here comes the sun - and I say it's all right"
    now I will be singing that all evening - although I love anything George Harrison sang. Thanks for reminding us of the return of Spring. Great artists to help us start off Spring.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my spiral hoop earrings!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my spiral hoops! I visited Alaska in the summer and it never got completely dark at night, it was pretty cool! I'd take longer days anytime, but I don't think I could handle all the darkness in winter.

  4. Thank you so much for including my disc beads! I have lots of fun making them.


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