Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Diaper Edition

Once upon a time a young mother bought some side-snapping fitted diapers for her baby. He wore them for many months before outgrowing them. Then his younger sister wore them for many more months, as did the next sister after that. By this time the diapers were quite worn. The mother was done having children, so she didn't need diapers anymore, but her friend had babies so she offered the diapers to her friend.

The friend was me. I was happy to have some side-snapping diapers because my little one had recently figured out how to open velcro, drop his diaper, and streak through the house. I didn't have a snap-press of my own yet (although I've recently ordered one!), so I wanted to find a way to keep these diapers around for a while. These threadbare diapers had a great design, but the outer fabric was literally falling apart, so I decided to give them a makeover.
(old diaper, new diaper!)
Viola, I still have my side-snappers (and I kept the core of the diaper, which was working just fine) I just added new layers on the inside (powderdry) and outside (flannel) to restore the comfort of a new diaper.
I love them! And they'll last through another kid or two.


  1. Great idea.
    Did you just fold the edge of the fabric over and topstitched them?

  2. Actually these diapers were serged all the way around, so I folded/topstitched near the snaps (where I was not covering) but otherwise I just matched up the (raw) edges and serged over the whole thing. I did do a (zig-zagged) topstitch over the elastic on the waist/legs, because without that it all ballooned and looked weird. LOL!


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