Friday, October 10, 2008

Appreciation Photos

When I started out I knew little about how to be a good etsy seller--or a good etsy buyer... Of course I knew to make a good product and ship it promptly, but there are many other little things that a person can do to improve the etsy experience.

Something sitting on a shelf or laid out on a table is nice to photograph, but let's admit, we like to see the outfit on a body, or the item in use. Of course, I don't think I should have my baby model all the diapers before I sell them, so I don't, but I sure do appreciate when someone leaves me an appreciation photo of their baby in one of my diapers! It gives other buyers a chance to see how my diaper style looks and fits when in use. It also makes me feel really good. :)
I make an effort now to send an appreciation photo whenever I can, so that the seller can see how I appreciate my item(s), and so that future buyers can see what the 'real thing' looks like.
If you'd like to see the ones I've left for other sellers, visit the 'feedback left for others' section of either of my shops, and next to the item listing photo, it shows a second picture--that's the appreciation photo. :)

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  1. I love appreciation photos so much! I make so little money crocheting, that photos of my work are one of the most rewarding part about having my store out there.
    I actually offer a discount on future purchases to soaker buyers who are sending a photo I can post somewhere of their little on in my creations. Whether on the feedback area, or later through my Facebook page or just be email so I can post it on the blog...


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