Monday, October 13, 2008

CaryYork Birth Art

I was introduced to a delightful little etsy shop recently: CaryYork: Celebrating Life's Sacred Journeys You can also see her work at
Cary's shop features original artwork (in several mediums) that embraces and celebrates birth, breastfeeding, and motherhood in general. The art is available as prints, or in 'altar kits' with a small stand and a tea light so that the art can be put on display in an inspirational way. She is an etsy newbie, and I was so moved by the art that I just had to share. (When you go visit, be aware that several of the pieces are nudes. I think they are tasteful, but if that bothers you, now you know.)
The piece below, "Waterbirth" is my favorite.

1 comment:

  1. That breastfeeding print is amazing and beautiful. I have looked through her shop before and didn't see it. Thank you for sharing it.


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