Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Hiding I'm Hiding!

With three sons in the house, we have a lot of camo, so today's treasury is based on that.
(as always, photos link to the listings)

What better way to say "you can't see me" than to breastfeed with a bold camo print! (I ♥ this cover!)

No cloth-diapering houseful of boys would be complete without at least one camo diaper! (Too bad for you, I bought this one and my son is wearing it as I type...but there are others out there!)

How about a nice toasty fleece blanket, perfect for all ages?!


Baby legwarmers...

and for the ones who aren't so little anymore...
A belt (do you think this would make my waistline disappear?!)

or the coolest backpack in the school!

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