Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tip: EtsyHacks Greasemonkey addons

Etsy has a lot of nice features, but many of the tech-savvy etsians out there have thought of additional nice features--things like "copy a listing" which allows you to make a new listing, but starting with a copy of an existing one (so you can just edit photos, change the title, etc...or post a second listing for an identical item!).

There is a wide selection of add-ons, available at EtsyHacks.com. In order to use them, you will first need to download and install Greasemonkey (then close and restart Firefox). Then you can intall whichever add-ons you want. Then you'll need to restart again to get them all to install/take effect. It's that simple.
The add-ons are technically free, although EtsyHacks does request that if you like the product, that you consider making a donation. I would second that--these are some nice add-ons that some nice people have taken time to write up and then been kind enough to share with us, it's only fair that we share a little something in return. (And since I can't write a pretty add-on for them to post on their page, money is the way to go!)

These add-ons will only work with Firefox at the present time, however the EtsyHacks page says they are working on making them compatable with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera, so if you're really attached to one of those browsers just wait a little while and then you can have some of these groovy add-ons too.

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