Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Etsy Pricing Calculator

I posted some time ago with a list of tips about setting prices. One important thing to take into account is that your prices need to cover not just your supplies and profit margin, but also your fees for etsy and paypal. I was just introduced to this Etsy Fee Calculator recently. It works two ways--on one side you can enter the profit you want to make, and it will tell you how much you'll need to charge to make that profit (the fee percentages are already built in). On the other side you can enter what you are paying for materials and shipping, as well as what you are charging for your items (both item price and shipping charge) and it will figure in the other fees and tell you how much you are actually making.
I thought it was very helpful (I was also pleased to find that I have been setting my prices right where they should be to make the profit that I feel is fair for my products!)


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