Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blueberry stuffable all-in-one diapers

When my first cloth diapered child was a toddler he discovered something cool about velcro--it's easy to undo. As many cloth diapering mothers have learned, snapping diapers are nice for smart toddlers, because it's the only way to keep the diapers ON the kids. Some precocious children figure out how to open snaps too, so some precocious mommy out there figured out to put the snaps on the side of the diaper, where they were harder for the child to see or reach.
As my toddler was learning how to open velcro, I decided that I needed some snapping diapers, but I didn't yet own a snap press, so I decided to buy some. I bought some WAHM diapers on etsy of course, but then I heard about a one-day sale from one of the bigger websites where I could get some side-snapping diapers on sale and with free shipping. Since I live in Alaska and shipping often costs as much as the item itself, I decided to jump on it.
So I bought 4 Blueberry side-snapping stuffable-AIOs.

Here are my thoughts on these diapers:
  • They are super cute
  • They are very trim (see photo below)
  • They are well made--none of the stitching came undone in a year of regular use
  • They have the convenience of an AIO (all-in-one) diaper, but with the opening in the back so that one can add extra stuffing as well. In my experience, the included stuffing was not a whole lot--especially for a toddler just one pee would fill it up, and a second would make it leak. This might have been different for a younger baby of course, but my experience was with a toddler. (If I added an extra insert then they lasted longer, but having to add the extra insert made them basically like pockets...yet they still had the longer dry time of AIOs...) I felt that they were fine for around the house but I didn't like to use one when going out because I didn't know how long it would last.
  • I really liked them for potty-learning because they were easy to get on and off, and their 'one-wet' capacity was fine because we were getting to the toilet most of the time anyway. So ironically my favorite way to use these diapers was as training pants.

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