Friday, June 6, 2008

Helpful Cloth Diapering Links

I just thought I'd share a few helpful cloth diapering links!

New to Cloth Diapers a site full of all the info a newbie needs, from washing routines to where to buy (or find patterns) to how many diapers you'll need or what to do about the poop. If you're only going to visit one place, this should be it.

10 Reasons to use cloth diapers

9 Common Myths about Cloth Diapering, and more myths about cloth diapering (mostly different ones!)

Definitions of the various kinds of cloth diapers, and the pros and cons of each style (including photos!)

Pros and Cons of various kinds of cloth diapers (covers everything except wool)

DiaperSwappers message boards: a good place to ask questions and have conversations with other cloth diapering parents. Visit "FSOT" (ForSaleOrTrade) where people are selling/trading their used (or new) diapers. It's a great way to try out some different brands/styles on a budget.

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