Thursday, May 29, 2008

Turtle Butt

Although I mostly promote my own shops here, I also like to promote friends, teammates, or other shops I've purchased from. Since I'm on vacation and my shops are closed at the moment, I figure this is the perfect time to promote other people!
I have not used these yet (although I have a trade in the works so I'll be getting one soon!) but they are so cute I decided to tell the world about them anyway.
Without further ado, introducing, Adorabubble's Turtle Butt Shorties!!
These are custom knit in your choice of colors (she has over a dozen to choose from).

Now see, don't you want one?!

Adorabubble is a member of the etsy cloth diaper street team...she has the "Adorabubble Knits" blog, as well as "The Knitting Siren" shop for her hand-dyed yarns and non-children's patterns. Both blog and shop are linked in the left sidebar.

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