Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NEW! Adjustable newborn-to-small AIO

My primary frustration with newborn size diapers is that the baby grows out of them so fast. But small diapers can be bulky on a newborn, and may end up leaking since a newborn's legs are usually quite skinny. Fitted diapers are often made adjustable with a fold-down front for their extra row of snaps, but an AIO (all-in-one) diaper cannot have a fold-down or it would leak.
So what's a mama to do?!
This diaper is the solution I came up with for my own son: A small AIO diaper with an extra row of snaps so that it can be done up tighter (and with a shorter rise) during those first days or weeks. The inside layer is soft (either velour or flannel) so it will not irritate that tender belly button even though it will cover it.

This photo shows my son wearing this design at about 8lbs (dark blue) and 13 lbs (light blue).

I've just stocked my first of these at LilBees, and plan to stock more in the coming couple of weeks.

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