Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tools of the Trade

So I might as well admit it: I'm a little bit of a Bernina Snob.
Yes, I've used other sewing machines, but Bernina is definitely my favorite. When we were first married and I was getting ready to buy my own machine, I considered buying a cheaper brand, (with the knowledge that I'd replace it with a Bernina a few years down the road). However we were given some money for our wedding and the Bernina was on an after-Christmas sale, so we went ahead and got it. I've never regretted it--that machine earned back every penny within the year.
Why am I so stuck on Berninas? Well, first of all, they're Swiss. Yeah, those guys that are famous for making good watches? they also make really good sewing machines. My mother's Bernina is over 25 years old and going strong. My grandmother finally replaced her Bernina after 45 years--not because it was dead, but because one piece needed to be replaced and they no longer made the piece! In other words, these machines, though expensive, are a good investment. Berninas are also work horses. I've worked in two professional costume shops and one bridal shop, and all three used Berninas. For someone who just does a little sewing, a cheaper brand will probably suffice; but for someone who sews professionally, Berninas are where it's at!
When I was comparison shopping for sergers, a shop owner told me this: "I repair all kinds of machines, but I only sell Berninas, and you know why? Because I almost never have to see them for repairs!"

Now do you wanna see my sweet machines?

This is my sewing machine: The Bernina 1008. It's the most simple (and, at $600, the least expensive) of the Bernina machines. I prefer a simpler machine because they are easier to understand and less likely to break down. It's got a buttonhole-helper and 24 stitches--who really needs more than that?!
This is my serger: The Bernina 700D. It too is a simple, manual machine--no computerized junk. The more automatic parts there are, the more there is to malfunction, and sergers are finiky creatures to begin with. So I keep it simple. (I would not have purchased a serger on my own, although I do find them nice, but they are expensive and not really necessary...I do use mine, but there are other ways to do things, you know? Anyway, I got this one through my employer--at a discount--because they required me to have one in order to sew for them.)

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  1. I would love to learn to sew...I always end up with the needle in my hand instead of the cloth hahah

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