Saturday, May 16, 2009

LilBees features StarDust Creations

This summer I am moving, and all my stock and supplies will be in storage for a couple of months. However a friend of mine has been thinking about starting up an etsy shop, so we talked and she is going to try out etsy via my shop this summer. (She has been on Hyena Cart for a while, but is new to etsy.) This means that LilBees will not be empty this summer, but it will have her StarDust Creations diapers instead of my LilBees ones. She makes adorable diapers, including some with embroidery! All the diapers shown in this post are her work:

I will be checking in periodically and can still respond to questions about my products or about orders for when I return, but Tiffani also has full access to the shop, so you can convo her about anything regarding her stock. All of her products will be in their own section, so that even when I get back it will be easy to tell what is whose. ☺

(I will be re-stocking my own diapers, pads, wetbags, etc when I get settled into my new home in mid-August. BrightBlack will be empty until that time.)

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